November 16, 2011

Meet Poitín: A Killer Celtic Trad Band from the Czech Republic

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In addition to being an incredibly strong distilled Irish beverage, Poitín is an incredibly talented traditional Celtic band from Pizen, Czech Republic.

After finding them on Twitter (@Poitincz) a few weeks back, I headed over to their ReverbNation page to check out their tunes. I was thinking to myself, "what does a Celtic trad band from the Czech Republic sound like?"

The answer: they sound traditional. And I mean that in the best way possible. While they do experiment with didgeridoos and saxophones, Poitín readily admits that they are "firmly grounded in the pub session tradition" and like nothing better than sitting round a table in the corner of a cozy pub, bashing out old favorites about "tarry sailors, merry maids and drunken nights."

The six-person band features guitar, fiddle, banjo, bodhran and tin whistle, and is it just me, or does their lead singer sound a bit like Andy Irvine? Listen to their version of "Calton Weaver" and let me know.

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